Christmas window display ideas

Although it’s only just September those of you in the retail industry will be starting to plan your visual merchandising activities in order to get the creative assets ready, and the strategy approved with your wider marketing and advertising team.

In order to kick start the creative process we’ve come up with 4 window display concepts that will wow customers and your CEO alike!

Concept 1 – Wrap up your store

We love this concept, it’s simple but effective and can be implemented to varying degrees of difficulty depending on your budget and retail space.

Easy – custom print a window decal of a Christmas ribbon wrapping around your store. For a personalised touch add present tags to the centre of the bow with a Christmas message to your customers.

Christmas ribbon window display decal

Harder – wrap your store from the outside. If you don’t have a store window that’s appropriate for the Christmas ribbon decal, or you just want to go the extra mile, then installing a ribbon onto the outside of the building certainly ups the ante.

This can be achieved in a few different ways, depending on your requirements:

– A building wrap or wall decal.
– A custom printed vinyl (or similar) ribbon fixed to the exterior of the building.
– A combination of the two. Use a window or wall decal for the ribbon section, with a custom made asset fixed to the exterior of the building at the centre of the bow.

Christmas ribbon display building wrap

Elaborate – decorate the entire building with a bow and cascading presents for an unbeatable Christmas display!

Christmas ribbon bow building window display

Concept 2 – Light box presents

This concept looks beautiful in the evening, perfect for attracting those late night Christmas shoppers. Similarly to the first concept it can be implemented to varying degrees of difficulty.

Easy – use fairy lights inside plastic cubes, positioned in your store window.

Harder – have varying sized custom light boxes created. Position these in the windows, hang them from the ceiling and if it’s feasible hang 1 or 2 from the exterior of the shop.

Light box christmas present GAP

Concept 3 – Minimalist

Christmas décor can be a little garish, which is conflicting to the desired aesthetic of many brands; that’s why this concept looks at guidelines for refined, chic Christmas visual merchandising displays.

Be selective with colour. Utilise a single Christmas hue and complement this with solid white. Or, just use white across the board.

Less is more. Don’t over crowd your window with too many display elements.

Use silhouettes and paired back shapes to bring a modern feel.

Minimalist christmas window displays

Concept 4 – Go interactive

If you’re looking to break the boundaries of standard Christmas VM strategies, then utilising modern digital technology could be the way to go. This has the potential to be an expensive option, but if you have the budget the results can drive amazing brand awareness and PR. Some ideas include:

Digital wall – an interactive window at the Galeries Lafayette, Paris that depicted scenes from Beauty and the Beast is a great example of using digital to drive engagement and create real hype around your Christmas window display. Here a screen was covered with hundreds of virtual red roses, but imagine if it was snow that could be wiped away by passers-by to reveal your products sitting behind.

For more information on how this would work speak to DisplayBAY about their transparent screens.

Interactive christmas window display

Social integration – the Ted Baker ‘Merry Kissmas’ campaign is a good example of how you can integrate social into your window displays to drive interaction and engagement. The campaign encouraged people to kiss under the mistletoe at 3 participating store entrances. Images identified by the hashtag #KissTed were then displayed on digital screens in the shop windows, as well as across their digital channels (website and social media).

interactive christmas window display merry kissmas

At DisplayBAY we specialise is retail displays and visual merchandising. Working with some of Australia’s leading brands, we manage seasonal campaign change-overs nationwide, producing all custom printed assets.

We’d love to help you bring your Christmas campaign vision to life. Please contact us to arrange an initial consultation and obtain a no obligation quote.