Artwork Specs & Upload

To assist in setting up your artwork correctly we recommend the following:

Artwork layout

  • Create the document in proportion to your final output size eg. 1:1, 1:2, 1:10.
  • All documents should have a minimum of 5mm bleed on all sides at final size.
  • Please ensure all elements in your documents have been supplied.

Image Resolution

  • Images must be supplied at a minimum of 150dpi at final output size or 300dpi at half size.
  • If logos are supplied as a photoshop image they should be supplied at 300dpi at final output size or preferably supplied as vector based illustrator images for smoother output.
  • All images should be supplied in CMYK format.

Fonts and stroke lines

  • Fonts and stroke lines must be converted to outlines.

Blends or gradients

  • For best results we recommend creating these in photoshop at the correct size and add 1.5 pixel noise to allow for smoother results.

Hard and soft copies

  • Please supply a hardcopy or PDF soft copy of your final artwork.
  • If we are required to match colours a hardcopy proof is required.

Colour matching

  • Leave all Pantone colours as spot colours in your document, this allows us to match colours as accurately as possible.


  • We accept Quark Xpress7, Indesign CC 2015 , Illustrator CC 2015, Photoshop CC 2015, tiff, eps, jpeg or PDF (print quality).

Artwork Submission

  • Please use the data upload feature on this page.